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Extensive experience in the field and advanced specialization

For years DEM has been the market leader in the design and manufacturing of suppression filters for radiofrequency interference (RFI) for home appliances and similar devices. It did so thanks to shared development to provide the best and cheapest reliable solution.
In the 2013 DEM introduce its Electronic brand named QEED able to develop and produce electronic boards for the Industrial Automation market.
Our ideas are the result of a team with extensive experience in the field and advanced specialization: we all share the common aim of producing tangible results and competitive benefits for our customers.
The development of effective, tailored solutions is a fundamental aspect of our work. We succeed in this because we co-operate closely with our customers, by listening to their requests and working with them to improve our own performance.
DEM is determined to deliver the best possible service – before, during and after the sale of any of its products – by offering its know-how, experience and technology.
This commitment allows us to be a dependable and reliable partner now and in the future.
Sharing the value of our work with you.

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Via Albert Einstein 14 - 20090 Assago (MI)

+39 02 45700794


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