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Film Capacitor supplier

Since BM company established, according to the enterprise aim of “set up No. 1 Film Capacitor supplier”, BM company put all spirit on the research, exploitation, produce & sale of Film Capacitor, by all BM staffs’ work hard of several years, BM company established three productive department of AC Capacitor department, Air Conditioner Motor Capacitor department & MKP Capacitor department. The Capacitor is widely used on all kinds of electric equipment, lighting, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, induction cooker, etc. household electric appliance and electric power system. In addition, the productive & sale quantity of our three main products of Fan Capacitor, Air Conditioner Motor Capacitor & Induction Cooker Capacitor continuously keep ahead for several year in the Capacitor industry, located at the No. 1 position in China.




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