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Power electronics products

Shenzhen Codaca Electronic Co., Ltd, is a high-tech company with a focus on the development and production of magnetic components such as power inductors, coils and much more.

Codaca was founded in 2001. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen and it has a 25,000 m² manufacturing plant in Heyuan, Guangdong's province. The main products include high current power inductors, inductors for molding purposes, high frequency and high current power inductors for digital AMP, power in SMD, DIP, bar, common mode inductors, air coils, transformers and taped NdFeB magnets.

These products are used in industrial, automotive, electronics market to fulfill medical equipment, renewable energy, communication equipment, digital amplifiers requirements. Thanks to the cooperation with the world's leading material suppliers, Codaca is able to quickly obtain information on the developments of the new cores; furthermore, Codaca has established a professional inspection and analysis laboratory on magnetic materials and product failure analysis, an analytical laboratory that meets the requirements of the AEC-Q200 certification tests.

The above has laid a solid foundation for research and development of magnetic powders, analysis of raw materials and product's reliability testing. Due to the constant effort to optimize the management process, CODACA has obtained the certificates of UKAS (UK) ISO9001, ISO14001, TÜV (GER) IATF16949 and CNAS. CODACA offers customers high value products and services!

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