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Over time, what has constantly pushed us to improve ourselves has been the passion for technology, for progress, being inclined to do and improve ourselves.

I remember an explicative event, which today would be unbelievable. An entrepreneur, in order to manage his electronic components distribution company during 1980s non-technological era, decided to buy an Olivetti PC, specifically a BCS2035, if I’m not mistaken, plus the computer language manual and despite having no programming skill at all, he managed to create the management and accounting system.

Today, it would be impossible and unnecessary, but in those distant years Dr. Giuseppe Della Casa, a.k.a. Beppe, did it. Also thanks to such motivated people we have learned and built our present.

The world changes regularly by creating new rules, new behaviors, new opportunities and nothing can stop it, so let's anticipate it.

Our strength

  • Global vision and outsourcing at our customers benefit, in order to transmit the know-how and opportunities, from our office in China too. We offer online seminars to enrich the knowledge of new products.
  • Direct logistics control, daily products tracking to check delivery status, FiFo, FeFo, Safety Stock, customized labels.
  • Customer care is our priority, as well as suppliers new offering.
  • Our leadership rely on a careful consideration on new technologies and future customer needs.
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Precision, safety, quality

Global experience, careful choices, logistical capacity, focused on our interlocutors needs and the market development.

Deadline-driven deliveries

Supported by our European partners stock, from our local warehouse in Milan, or from our Asian partner, as the same interlocutor.
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Certified quality